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About Rocky Mountain Media Services

Rocky Mountain Media Services is an Albuquerque advertising and marketing agency that specializes in marketing for small businesses in New Mexico. Although we handle all aspects of advertising and ad placement, our speciality continues to focus on online digital solutions. We believe a mobile friendly website should be the very core of all your Albuquerque small business' advertising and marketing efforts. Our proven “Smart Marketing” program encompasses all aspects of internet marketing including SEO, social media and SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

Additionally, we own the RSVP New Mexico franchise. We generate pre-qualifed leads for our clients from the higher income homes in Albuquerque & Santa Fe through cooperative direct mail campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Where do I start?
We believe a mobile friendly website should be the very core of your Albuquerque advertising and marketing efforts for your small business. This is your "home base" where you can really tell your story. It should be designed to capture potential leads or new customers. All of your advertising/marketing efforts should generate traffic from and/or back to this home base.
2How do I use my website as a marketing tool?
First you need to insure that potential customers can find your website. Our proven "Smart Marketing" system incorporates SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization) & SEM (Search Engine Marketing) techniques that will drive customers to your website. From there we will show you how to capture the leads in a way that will create customers/clients long term.
3Is conventional advertising still viable?
There is still a place in Albuquerque for conventional advertising such as radio, TV, newspaper & direct mail. The art is deciding on what the "mix" of various marketing options should include based on your industry, targeted customer and budget. That, in a nutshell, is what we bring to the table.
4Why do I need an advertising agency?
Maybe you don't. Do you have a good background in marketing? Do you have qualified personal in house that you have confidence in to make marketing and budgetary decisions? Is your current marketing working...driving sales? ....OR.... are you a small business owner trying to wear too many hats and find yourself struggling to make ends meet both financially as well as from a lack of time?
5Can I afford RMMS' services?
We specialize in Albuquerque's advertising and marketing for small businesses, We are generally much more tuned into the sometimes restricted budgetary issues. We develop plans tailored to your needs and services. If you would allow us a business interview to understand those needs we can give you an idea of our recommendations so you can make an informed decision to see if we are a "fit" for your budget.
6What is RMMS' mission statement?
Our goal is to develop long term relationships with small businesses. We take the time to dig into the details to really understand your business & industry. We are very selective in who we accept as a client to make sure we have no competing businesses in our client mix. If we don't feel we are a "fit" for your business we'll tell you up front. If we are a "fit" we will represent your business as if it is our own. More about RMMS
7Give me the best reason to work with RMMS.
Let us do what we do you can do what you do best! We'll take the advertising load off your shoulders so you can run your business.