Cash Generation / Liquidation


Liquidation and Cashflow

About Rocky Mountain Media Services

Although Rocky Mountain Media Services is a full service advertising agency that specializes in marketing small businesses in New Mexico, one very important area of that really sets us apart from our competition is our business management experience We have over 40 years of business management background with a specific focus in retail management, marketing and merchandising. We’ve purchased, started up, sold, and managed almost 20 businesses across Kansas, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and New Mexico. In several cases this entailed creating a business plan to entice qualified investors to finalize the purchase. Additionally, we’ve researched, evaluated, and refused purchase of at least that many more. Probably what we really excel at is being a “trouble shooter” for retail businesses. We will take the time to dig into the details of the things that make you tick. Whether you want to sell, retail liquidation or business reorganization or are just simply in need of someone to review it from a different perspective to help you increase your profit margins, we bring the right tools to the table to help you reach your goal. We can provide a onetime evaluation or an ongoing long term program that includes hiring, training, and managing your management team. This can be as extensive as providing everything from HR, A/P and financial reporting or as simple as sales and motivational training for your employee base.

CASHFLOW: One of the most important aspects in running a successful business is the ability to manage your cash flow. We have over 40 years of experience in this field. If you need to generate cash or simply have decided to liquidate your business, we can walk you through that process.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How do I know if my business is a candidate for a “High Impact Sale” or a “Liquidation Sale”?
We can market most businesses to generate cash-flow, however our best success is usually found focusing on businesses with a physical inventory.
2What types of cash-flow services does Rocky Mountain Media offer?
All our sales are HIGH IMPACT SALES are designed to drive both existing and new customers through your doors. We attract huge crowds and produce a dramatic and sustained spike in your sales volume, prepare you for long term profitability, or help you liquidate entirely if needed with a store closing sale. We market all types of sales including Store Closing, Overstocked, Inventory Reduction, Grand Opening, Wall to Wall, Reorganization, Event Promotions & Moving Sales.
3How much cash-flow can I expect to generate in a liquidation sale?
You should expect to earn 90%-130% return of actual inventory cost for store closing sales depending on the size and age of your current inventory.
4What type of marketing avenues do you use to drive traffic?
Advertising venues may vary depending on our targeted customer. If you have an extensive customer database established, we use email or direct mail campaigns. Digital marketing using various social media platforms can be very effective in most businesses. Print & radio advertising have their place as well depending on your advertising budget.
5Do you provide a hands on approach or just a marketing plan.
Each client is different. What are you the most comfortable with? We can be as hands on or off as you desire.
6What territory do you cover?
For our sales & liquidation services, we cover New Mexico in general, with a focus on the Albuquerque area, but are open to discussing other areas depending on the extent of your needs. For marketing in general we cover the entire 48 states.