Human Resources


Human Resources

About OnePayHR

Your workforce is important to the success of your company. Employees are the biggest asset to an organization as well as one of the biggest expenses to an organization and liability as well. OnePayHR has a great solution to offer Organizations that need help with maintaining the employee record and all the benefits administration.

We offer our HRIS software that will free up your management or HR staff from doing tasks that the employee can do themselves, including:

  • Benefit Statement
  • Time-off Balance
  • Time-off Calendar
  • Time-off Request Capability
  • W2
  • Timesheet
  • Timesheet
  • Paystub
  • Reimbursement
  • Company Information
  • Document Management

Our HRIS software also helps the organization’s managers with posting Recruiting, Onboarding, Benefits Administration, Asset Management, Training and Certification Management, Compliance, HR Resources, Performance Management and Off-Boarding.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Can your software provide reports?
OnePayHR’s HRIS software allows for the following when it comes to reporting:
  • Modify columns, time frames and filters
  • Sort and group data
  • Specify formats
  • Save and share customized report settings with other users
  • Automate report distribution to groups or individual users
  • Utilize export capabilities, including formats such as:
    • CSV Comma Delimited .csv
    • Excel Microsoft Excel .xls
    • PDF Acrobat Reader .pdf
    • HTML HTML Table .html
    • HTML paged HTML Paged .html
    • XML XML .xml
    • Text Fixed Width .txt
2We are a small office, do I need something like this?
  • Surprisingly, yes. There are many factors that come into play with HR and Employees. Many organizations offer benefits and 401k’s you need a system that can automatically populate the necessary fields as well as deduct the correct amounts for their payroll. You also need a system that will notify your insurance providers the employees last day.
  • The other item that the business needs to consider is staying in compliance and avoiding lawsuits, and other Regulator Fines. This software allows for the employer to treat all employees equally. All deductions are fair, all onboarding and off boarding is tracked in the system. All disciplinary actions are uploaded to the system. This system allow on tracking certifications expirations and document signoff.