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About PriorityOne

PriorityOne was formed in 1996. Two years prior to that, the company operated as A.R.I. Business Consulting, a subsidiary of Nambe~ Mills. In 1996 Gary Creel and Todd Kennedy, two senior employees purchased the company and renamed it to PriorityOne. The company specialized in Novell networks and ERP solutions.

In 2004, Gary Creel bought Todd Kennedy’s interest in the company and became the sole owner. He changed the direction of the company to focus entirely on Albuquerque small business I.T. support and eliminated the ERP software portion of the business. PriorityOne also changed focus to Microsoft technologies as Novell moved to a Linux system.

The company has sustained success in the Albuquerque I.T. Management & Support business for the past 20 years by providing exemplary service to its clients. We provide Albuquerque with I.T. services and tech support for small businesses, medical facilities, non-profit charter schools, and a variety of industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What are the basic things I should have as a bare minimum to protect my network and data?
Every network needs to have a firewall at the edge of the network where the internal network connects to the Internet. This will block all the bad stuff that is on the Internet from getting to your computers. In addition to a firewall at the edge of the network, every computer should have Endpoint Protection. This is security software that blocks viruses, malware, adware and other kinds of malicious programs from accessing the computer. The Endpoint protection needs to be installed on Windows, Macs, iOS, and Android computers including smartphones. Any computer that accesses the network should be protected. The third item that everyone should have in place is a good backup that is offsite. An onsite copy for quick restores is also good to have but the offsite copy is critical.
2Do I have to sign up for a monthly service plan or can I just call when I need help?
We offer support services on call as needed as well as on monthly service plans. You can choose what best fits your business. Our Master Service Agreement lists what services we offer, which services you are signing up for and which you are passing on. It serves as a check list so everyone is on the same page. It also shines some light on services you might wish to consider but didn’t know we offered.
3Can I move my network and servers to the “Cloud”?
Many network services have moved to the cloud. The most common are email, backup, file storage and some applications. Some of our clients are 100% cloud based while most are hybrid cloud users where some computing resources are cloud based and some are local. We assess each client individually to determine the best mix to meet their needs.
4My nephew is good with computers, why shouldn’t I just have him set up our network?
There is a lot more to I.T. management than just setting up some computers. First you want to standardize your systems to keep things easy to support. Then you need to make sure everything is kept current. Monitoring your systems is the best way to accomplish that. Computers and networks are always updating and evolving. You need a seasoned professional to make sure you are secure and productive.