Medical Insurance


Medical Insurance

About Apex Insurance Agency

We provide free help to small business looking to provide health insurance to their employees. We also offer free compliance in the event of a Department of Labor audit. Our goal is to wow our clients with our service and expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How many employees are required to start an employer group plan?
Typically, most insurance companies require two, but there are scenarios in which only on employee has to participate in order to get a group plan. This is especially helpful for sole proprietors.
2How much does Apex Insurance Agency charge to set up our employees with health insurance?
If you are a small employer, there is no cost for our service as we are reimbursed by the insurance companies. Your rates are not increased as a result of using a broker.
3What are the advantages of using a broker?
We make it easy for you to get your employees set up with insurance and we will tell you the positive and negative aspects before you buy a policy so that you are never surprised. Most insurance companies will never tell you the negative aspects of the policy because they are afraid you may go to a competitor. We also manage your renewals and shop the market for rates with every major insurance company operating in NM ever single year so you know you have the best plan.
4Can you help resolve medical billing problems?
Yes! This is one of the most important areas of service we offer. We do not deal with the traditional member services that most people have to go through to resolve these matters. We have fixed millions of dollars of claims/bills that were not the responsibility of members and yet they were being incorrectly billed for these charges. You can call us directly instead of an 800 number. This service is available to ever employee.
5Do you work with Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)?
Yes, we work very closely with HSA High Deductible Qualified plans and educate the decision maker and employees on the benefits of using this unique type of plan.
6Do you work with BeWell NM?
Yes, we are a Preferred Broker with BeWell NM. They allow you to offer multiple insurance companies to your employees, which is normally available only to large employers. Through BeWell NM, you may also qualify for a tax credit based on your employer contribution.
7Can you help set up COBRA Administration?
Yes, we work with several vendors and insurance carriers that offer this service to keep you in compliance with the COBRA law.
8Do you help with ERISA compliance?
Yes, we provide free documents that will keep any employer in compliance in the event of a Department of Labor audit.
9Can you help our company with dental, vision, life and other employee benefits?
Yes, we work with every major insurance company offering these services, such as Delta Dental, MetLife, Guardian, Vision Service Plan and many others.