Merchant Services

Merchant Services

About Next Level Processing Solutions

Next Level Processing aims to educate business owners in making more informed decisions regarding merchant services. Currently business owners are at the mercy of credit card companies because of their lack of knowledge and understanding of payment processing. The lack of knowledge enables credit card companies to take advantage of customers and lock them into a long term contract.

Next Level Processing is able to offer a more caring and simplistic solution to meet customer needs to include:

  • Free statement analysis and consultation
  • Next day funding for all accounts
  • Wholesale rate of $0.10 per transaction (Online and Mobile Accounts)
  • Terminal leasing options available for all Point of Sale (POS) systems
  • Discounted rates for terminal purchases
  • Reward program for client referrals
  • Accessory bundle packages to meet your business needs

Next Level Processing has helped many business owners save money and make informed decisions on selecting the right payment processing system.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is merchant services?
MasterCard and Visa started a business and they wanted to make money. So they offer a payment option to all businesses to receive their monies from a different source other than the traditional cash or check that was offered prior to their existence. So every business owner pays an interchange rate to MC/V to process cards at their business.
2What are the monthly fee’s?
Each company has its own monthly fee structure. Monthly fees can be negotiated similarly to car buying. Have you talked to your merchant account holder about their charges?
3How long does it take to setup a merchant account?
Most merchant accounts can be setup in 24hrs if the business owners paper work is correct.
4What type of account is best for me?
Credit card processing is about swiping. MasterCard and Visa Interchange rates are the lowest for swiping vs keyed in transactions. Which account gives your business the best chance to save its money.
5I want to be able to accept payments with credit cards, what kind of hardware do I need?
  1. Mobile accounts need a mobile device that’s user friendly and EMV compliant.
  2. Online account have the options to swipe or key in transactions. If you decide to key in devices you can still occur an additional $.12 for non swiping.
  3. Store front- Flexibility in affordable lease programs($30-$60), Company takes on ownership if terminal malfunctions. Terminal lease is a 100% tax write off. Free paper and etc… Or you can purchase the hardware but take on all responsibilities if terminal malfunctions.
6How long does it take for the money to deposit into my account?
Next day funding is available on all accounts.