Human Resources and Payroll

About OnePayHR

OnePayHR offers Payroll services and solutions for all sizes of business. We process payroll information for all 50 states plus provide next-day delivery of hard copy paychecks anywhere in the United States. Our services are secure, accurate, on time and we help organizations stay in compliance with State and Federal Regulations.

OnePayHR utilizes a fully-integrated software solutions to simplify and expedite you payroll, HRIS and time and labor management processes. Our software will save you time and money while reducing errors associated with duplicate data entry.

Our fully integrated solution allows for 1 employees record, unlike other systems when you or your staff has to import/export the employees data. Our full integrated solutions will keep track of the employee’s payroll, their time, and all their other HR aspects.

Our Scope of Services include:
For one flat rate, your payroll will be:

  • Secure
  • Accurate
  • On Time
  • In Compliance with State and Federal Regulations
  • Full-Service Payroll Administration
  • Direct Deposit and Online Payroll Information Access
  • A Robust Payroll Software System that fully integrates:
    • Your Payroll
    • Time Clock or Time and Labor Management System
    • HRIS and Account Systems
  • Payroll Tax Form Preparation
  • Free updates to our web-based software system every 6-8 weeks
  • Process payroll information for all 50 states plus provide next-day delivery of hard copy paychecks anywhere in the United States
  • Speed up the time between time keep data submittal and payroll processing
  • Deliver payroll immediately through direct deposit service and electronic report delivery
  • Process and print off-cycle payroll requests and reports quickly
  • Support, administer and remit payment for all child support, state tax levy, IRS levy, student loan and writs of garnishment
  • Prepare tax forms (W2's, I-9's, 941, 940's, etc.) and earnings statements which may be viewed online through easy-to-use Employee Self-Service tools
  • Manage comprehensive business and worker's compensation insurance

If you are serious about taking advantage of our amazing services, we are ready to share some valuable information with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Why should I use a payroll Company?
  • Payroll company is convenient for most business owners. The other added benefit is that the payroll company typically assumes the liability when it comes to processing and reporting payroll to the state and federal entities.
  • Majority of the time is more cost effective for the business owner to use a trusted payroll company then to have these duties done internally by a staff member.
2Why does a “Fully Integrated System” matter?
  • In the past payroll systems had to import data from multiple programs to get the employees info. This meant that a staff person had to do duplicate entries, which is not cost effective and this could also lead to errors. Employers had to hope that they had a staff member that was comfortable enough with importing/exporting data from different database.
  • With OnePayHR’s proprietary software, all information from Payroll, TLM and HRIS is stored in 1 database. This means that the user only has to input the record one time and that this creates just one employee record.
3Why should I choose OnePayHR over other competitors?
  • We pride ourselves with offering our clients with customer services. We are always here to assist your organization with support or questions.
  • Not only do we excel at customer service but our fully integrated software is the best in the industry.
  • Finally, not only do you get great customer service, you get the state of the art software, but typically-depending on who your current payroll provide is, ONEPayHR has been able to provide them solutions that are 20-40% lower than our competitors.
4What if I have a current payroll company, but I dreed the conversion, what should I do?
For some reasons our competitors have traumatized our clients with their original setup. OnePayHR has a great implementation team ad they are really good at getting all the required documents and information. We also try to schedule your first run to allow for us to do the conversion. Time management and clear expectation and requirements are key to any new set up.
5What tax services do you offer?
As part of our payroll management solutions, we prepare each individual’s W2s and tax preparation forms such as ES903, 940 and 941 Because we are not a tax preparer, we do not do gross receipts.
6If I switch to OnePayHR, will my employees get W2s from you and our old payroll company?
No. When you switch to OnePayHR, we take care of everything. You will get only one set of tax forms from OnePayHR
7You’ve said OnePayHR is cost effective. How much do your services cost?
You’ll pay one flat fee for basic payroll services
There is a per check fee per statement
There are no hidden fees or added extras. For example, there are no additional fees if you..
Add new hires
Delete employees from your payroll
Run special reports
General Ledger Integration
Simply contact your personal OnePayHR customer service