About Dynamic Communications Inc.

Dynamic Communications, Inc. specializes in sales and service of Hosted Telephone Systems, Surveillance Camera Systems and Low-Voltage Cabling / Fiber Optic Systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Do you offer “Cloud Based” telephony solutions?
Yes, Dynamic Communications not only provides traditional customer based telephone systems, but we also offer the largest list of Cloud Based, Hosted Solutions available.
2We need our new offices cabled for phones and computers. Do you provide structured, horizontal cabling?
Yes, we provide quality cabling solutions for projects of all sizes with Cat5e, Cat6, Fiber Optic, and virtually any system needed. We can not only design solutions for your new office or new building, but we can handle all of your adds. moves, and change orders.
3Do you offer surveillance camera solutions?
Yes. In this day and age, who doesn’t need security camera? We will design and implement a surveillance system to meet your office’s security needs.
4Do you sell and install intrusion alarm systems?
No, not yet, but it’s next on our list!
5Our Internet service needs to be upgraded. Can you help us?
Yes. We offer the newest and best Internet solutions from all the major Internet providers.